July 8, 2013


Hey ya'll! So I recently just kind of became obsessed with Buckle.com! If you haven't already checked the website out then defiantly do so! They sell jewelry, tops, vest, jeans, shoes,and lots more. Some of the brands include Daytrip, Miss Me, Big Star,Hurley, Roxy, Fossil, Crash and Burn, Sinful. It's defiantly my new favorite website! Recently I just made a purchase! This is what I bought!

All together everything came to around $124, which is really expensive! I honestly can't believe I spent that much and I really need to learn how to bargain shop. I just couldn't stop myself from buying these tops! I wanted to pick me up a pair of Miss Me jeans but unfortunately they didn't have my size in the ones I wanted, which is a total bummer because I've been wanting a pair of Miss Me jeans for almost 2 years now. However, if I'm going to spend over $100 for a pair of jeans I want to make sure I love the fit, the design and everything. So I hope the ones I want come back in stock in my size! Anyways enough of rambling! :)  I'm glad to be back!!!! :)